5 Tips to Live Your Yoga While Traveling

They said practicing yoga while you are on your vacation is beneficial. Why? Simply because your mind would be at utmost peace at a place which you chose to visit, a place you might have been dreaming to go.

Easier said than done!

It can get extremely difficult to carve out time to practice yoga amidst a trip, either work or vacation. You can do all the convincing you want to yourself and set goals about practicing yoga while you are on vacation that you have been planning. But it is easy to slip away into the cycle of time. There are so many things you would want to do while traveling: people to see, food to eat, places to visit. In short, you are on a discovery mode!

We will try and give you some tips on how you can squeeze out that teeny-weeny bit of time to practice yoga. Moments that you can stop, take some deep breaths, practice some yoga, and reconnect with yourself. You just have to practice and make the time.

Quick tips below:

1. Be prepared

Add your yoga clothes (don’t go fancy here) and mat to your luggage. It won’t count against your baggage total.

2. Set goals and commit to yourself

Make a realistic plan for your upcoming trip and make a note of those pockets of extra time. Set that time aside for your practice. Commit to yourself that you will reach these goals.

3. Be Consistent

It’s helpful to remain consistent in your practice, both at home and while traveling. You could choose a specific time of day to devote to yoga and meditation, or a certain number of days to practice. Consistency helps us stay motivated.

4. Anything is Better than Nothing

We have to start somewhere! Reaching some of our goals is better than not reaching any, right? It may take a few trips to get the hang of having a consistent and strong practice while on the go. Do what you can and be proud of yourself!

5. Go Explore

Seek adventure on your travels and find special places that inspire you to do yoga. If you’re staying at a hotel, ask the receptionist if they hold yoga classes, check out the pool, balcony, or even the rooftop. Walk the streets of a new city, find local parks, and beautiful spaces. It’s easier to practice yoga in a place that you feel connected to. Get inspired.

To summarise, Yoga teaches us to be present, and when you take this off the mat and into your travels, you can learn to become really present in whatever moment you are in. By calming your mind and breathing in a new place you can really connect with the area and the people on a different energetic level. Slow down, breath and feel what it really is to be in these new surroundings.

Remember: You and only you possess all the power you need to reach all your goals in life, big or small. Drive and motivation ignites from within and extends outward into the world. Take the time to become inspired and to expand your yoga and meditation practice into your travels and adventures.

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