The Himalayas represent nothing less than nature’s grandeur and opulence for mountain lovers. From thick forest to lush valleys, from tropical jungles to mighty hills, from different species of flora and fauna to romantic weather, Himalayan ranges are fulfilling. Dramatic enough, here deep forest gorges rise up to the skylines of snow-capped peaks through a varied landscape of rhododendron forests and high-altitude desert.

The Himalayas are also a vibrant amalgamation of people, culture, communities, tied by ancient trading and pilgrimage routes. Stretching in a 2500 km long arc across Asia from Kashmir to Kathmandu, Lhasa to Ladakh, the Himalayan range is, simply put, big. While Manali and Shimla welcome you to snow-capped peaks, Mcleodganj is home to Buddhist chants and rituals. What more, you can indulge in adventure activities in the Himalayas like trekking, rafting, skiing, mountaineering and set your will to spot snow leopards and red pandas. It is breathtaking and gorgeous but it is also complex in its own way. With something for every traveler the peaceful dwellers, the city nomads, the adventure seekers, the explorers – Himalayas is a must visit once in a lifetime.

Nature / Landscapes

Singin’ in the rain.. Have you ever done it? Like, literally sing in the rain. Rain is the most beautiful natural phenomenon and equally mesmerising is the sunset, the sunrise, the winds swaying before a storm or the volcano about to erupt. Reconnecting with nature is appreciative of immense mental and physical health, not to mention the sheer enjoyment being surrounded by beautiful scenery can bring. Take a spiritual tour of the golden stupas rising out of the lush green fields or equally barren mountains, go for a Himalayan summit, appreciate the flora and fauna of a quaint town by the countryside, or experience the desert safaris. Natural wonders are plenty. From the meandering, flirtatious rivers to the mighty mountains and valleys, from the green plantations to the vast deserts, from rainforests to the glaciers, every part of the world is filled many such wonders. Feel the bright sun on your face, let the greens soothe your eyes, breathe in the fresh crisp air, embrace the rains, dance to the tune of chirping birds. Let your spirit wander with joy!

Outdoors / Adventure

Is adrenaline your calling? Do you dream of inching the glorious mountain peaks? Do you want to jump out of planes or swim with sharks? Do you surf your way up the waves? Do you just want to sail along beautiful islands? Or do you just want to go deep down the ocean and scuba dive? Depending upon whom you ask, the answer might vary. What’s clear is that it means something different for every traveler. Go push beyond your comfort zone, invite yourself to be spontaneous, resourceful and creative, challenge yourself to something you haven’t done before. It is time to go for the rafting expedition with your friends, or glide over the mountains. Simple yet take the hot-air balloon ride and stock in the awe-inspiring landscapes. Take that long pending solo bike trip and get yourself a iron butt. Whatever it might be, just find your calling and answer it with utmost honesty. The world is your canvas, anyway!

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