The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia, is a land of natural treasure with over eighteen thousand islands in its fold. To top it off, only six thousand are inhabited and more than half of them are innominate. Beguiling as it, the region speaks over 300 languages across. Fondly referred to as the land of fire and journey of flavors, Indonesia has plenty to offer: beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, forests, adventure, cuisine, art, culture, history, heritage and wildlife. Isn’t it interesting that while the land is right on the imaginary line of the equator cutting the globe into two halves, Indonesia is many countries blended into one? Extraordinary! While Bali and its beaches are hot stuff, you don’t have to travel far to find even more beautiful and less touristed stretches of sand in Nusa Tengarra. Enjoy the salty sands at the tip of the Sumatra in Pulau Weh, feed the Orangutans at their Centre in Bukit Lawang, try sumptuous delicacies at Jenny’s and visit the jungles of Gunung Leuser National park. Explore Java, trek to the top of Mt. Bromo or the Ijen Crater for a surrealistic experience. Sand and surf. Satays and snorkeling. Sunday mobs and glitzy Jakarta mall. Batiks and beachfront living. Pinisi boat rides and friendly local hosts. Dive into tropical goodness. Indulge into pure bliss.

Beaches / Islands

Beach life in one word: Exotic! Imagine yourself drowning all your daily blues to the eternal one. Escape to a sun-drenched beach to sun-kissed shoulders is a norm here. Sand between your toes, turquoise water lapping at the shore, and vast expanse of blue all around. Explore incredible islands dotted with swaying palms, take a shot at scuba diving, go kiss the dolphins, or just take a spot from where you can soak in all you can. You will experience pure, deep bliss at some of the most romantic, secluded and gorgeous beaches in the world! Add to that a fruity cocktail in your hand, all your city woes will melt as quickly as the ice itself.

Outdoors / Adventure

Is adrenaline your calling? Do you dream of inching the glorious mountain peaks? Do you want to jump out of planes or swim with sharks? Do you surf your way up the waves? Do you just want to sail along beautiful islands? Or do you just want to go deep down the ocean and scuba dive? Depending upon whom you ask, the answer might vary. What’s clear is that it means something different for every traveler. Go push beyond your comfort zone, invite yourself to be spontaneous, resourceful and creative, challenge yourself to something you haven’t done before. It is time to go for the rafting expedition with your friends, or glide over the mountains. Simple yet take the hot-air balloon ride and stock in the awe-inspiring landscapes. Take that long pending solo bike trip and get yourself a iron butt. Whatever it might be, just find your calling and answer it with utmost honesty. The world is your canvas, anyway!

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