North India is an ideal tryst of the past and the present. Whether you choose to get emotional by seeing the Taj Mahal, or take a tour of the legendary forts and palaces of Rajasthan, North India is flavourful in all its essence. Encompassing all facets of life, culture, adventure, history and legend, this part of India will never cease to amaze you.

For nature lovers, there are the vast highlands of Uttarakhand inviting you on a trekking expedition. For heritage and history buffs, there is no dearth of monuments, forts, palaces and mosques. It is also home to major pilgrim destinations including the Himalayan Hindu Temples of Kedarnath to the famous temple towns of Varanasi, Haridwar, Mathura, and Pushkar. You can also find Buddhist pilgrimage centers spread across North India. And then the humble Golden Temple at Amritsar, Punjab. Discover well-known sites and hidden secrets, from the beating heart of Delhi to the holy city of Varanasi – this is chaotic and inspiring India.

Culture / Heritage

‘Unity in diversity’: The phrase merely doesn’t represent India, it wings its way to every nook in the world. It is as old as our origin and as new as our evolving world. We are all connected somehow whether our ancestors and forefathers braved to cross borders for a better life or generations unknown our families were rooted somewhere in the southern hemisphere, our bloodlines have surely criss-crossed with the trade winds across oceans and lands from another time. It is only exciting to discover our roots combined with relaxation, bonding of a vacation, educative travel, and find out our cultural similarities or differences from each other. With 192 countries in the world, each with a distinct and unique history, there are a vast number of heritage sites for all travelers interested in uncovering their roots. Enjoy the gradient glories of the ancient Indian kingdoms visible through the melange of cultures it has imbibed which goes beyond Aryan and Dravidian customs: British, Mughal, Dutch, Portuguese, and Tibetan to name a few. Make a visit to the teardrop island, Sri Lanka, and indulge in the number of UNESCO heritage sites it hosts. Or take Buddha’s path in search of enlightenment. There is enough for each of us to find that inkling within us and transform our vacation into a truly rewarding experience

Wildlife / Safaris

See the wild! Many of us keep ourselves glued to that flatscreen gorging on plethora of shows on wildlife and the planet in general. But there is no justification to the visceral thrill of witnessing animals in the wild. Whether it is swimming with a whale shark or coming face-to-face with a gorilla, nature has a way of reminding us how insignificant we are. Immerse in the natural wonders of Ranthambore National Park, one of the best places to see majestic Bengal tigers, as well as many other native species including macaques, leopards, sloth bears and hornbills, while you’ll see elephants, water buffalos, crocodiles and, if you’re lucky, the elusive Sri Lankan leopard, during your carefully crafted trip to Sri Lanka. Experience the enormous loop that Africa’s wildebeest make around the Serengeti each year, and the mass movement of humpback whales between their Antarctic feeding grounds and subtropical breeding grounds. Apart from the well-known species, there are plenty of other lesser-known spectacles waiting to be discovered.

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