Karibu! Of emerald islands. Of timeless ruins. Of endless beaches. Of bright skies. Of rolling trunks. Of aromatic teas. Of myriad charms. Of welcoming people. One would wonder what the little island paradise, Sri Lanka has to offer. It has remained mainly untouched and unexplored and has seen a rise in travelers in the recent years. For a traveler looking for a wholesome experience, Sri Lanka has everything – lush green island gives plenty of choices at the beach, from just gazing at the sun from the historical Old Dutch Fort at Galle, to a relaxing Ayurvedic massage at Mirissa beach. Not to forget that there is scuba diving and snorkeling at the Unawatuna beach, or a relaxed sunbath at Induruwa beach and animal lovers will love the Yala National Park and the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. What more to expect in a country surrounded by the sea but superb beaches, you just have to choose your mode – adventurous or relaxed – all your prayers will be answered! Sri Lanka opens the Pandora’s Box with eight Unesco World Heritage Sites packed into such a small area. It boasts of 2000-plus years of culture that can be discovered at ancient sites where legendary temples exuberate beautiful details even as they shelter in caves or perch on prominent peaks. Sort of an unsolved enigma, isn’t it? Take a stroll through dirt roads in picturesque villages, hike through lush tea plantations bathed with the colonial aftertaste, and get sun-kissed on gorgeous beaches for an unparalleled experience. The icing on the cake is the short distances meaning you are never too far away from any kind of geography that this island offers, from its beaches to the highlands and jungles. Even the tryst with wildlife in Sri Lanka is nothing short of a drama. Elephants roam free in the parks here, but so does the leopard before it drags its kill up a tree. The safaris are well-organized safari and offer a brilliant opportunity to map jungles here as well. It is time to explore this fascinating teardrop island of Sri Lanka, for a little bit of serenity, lots of elephants and a splendid vision of a country finally coming into its own.

Culture / Heritage

‘Unity in diversity’: The phrase merely doesn’t represent India, it wings its way to every nook in the world. It is as old as our origin and as new as our evolving world. We are all connected somehow whether our ancestors and forefathers braved to cross borders for a better life or generations unknown our families were rooted somewhere in the southern hemisphere, our bloodlines have surely criss-crossed with the trade winds across oceans and lands from another time. It is only exciting to discover our roots combined with relaxation, bonding of a vacation, educative travel, and find out our cultural similarities or differences from each other. With 192 countries in the world, each with a distinct and unique history, there are a vast number of heritage sites for all travelers interested in uncovering their roots. Enjoy the gradient glories of the ancient Indian kingdoms visible through the melange of cultures it has imbibed which goes beyond Aryan and Dravidian customs: British, Mughal, Dutch, Portuguese, and Tibetan to name a few. Make a visit to the teardrop island, Sri Lanka, and indulge in the number of UNESCO heritage sites it hosts. Or take Buddha’s path in search of enlightenment. There is enough for each of us to find that inkling within us and transform our vacation into a truly rewarding experience

Nature / Landscapes

Singin’ in the rain.. Have you ever done it? Like, literally sing in the rain. Rain is the most beautiful natural phenomenon and equally mesmerising is the sunset, the sunrise, the winds swaying before a storm or the volcano about to erupt. Reconnecting with nature is appreciative of immense mental and physical health, not to mention the sheer enjoyment being surrounded by beautiful scenery can bring. Take a spiritual tour of the golden stupas rising out of the lush green fields or equally barren mountains, go for a Himalayan summit, appreciate the flora and fauna of a quaint town by the countryside, or experience the desert safaris. Natural wonders are plenty. From the meandering, flirtatious rivers to the mighty mountains and valleys, from the green plantations to the vast deserts, from rainforests to the glaciers, every part of the world is filled many such wonders. Feel the bright sun on your face, let the greens soothe your eyes, breathe in the fresh crisp air, embrace the rains, dance to the tune of chirping birds. Let your spirit wander with joy!

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