Travel Plastic Free this July

Across the world, precisely in about 177 countries, with approximately 120 million participants, Plastic Free July is taking shape in all shapes. Whether it is individuals taking up the challenge or corporates and institutions doing workshops on resources and ideas to help reduce single-use plastic waste everyday at home, work, school, neighbourhood shop or local cafes. It is a collective movement to inspire a massive change. 

While the mobilisation is on full swing, we thought of giving our fellow wanderers a few tips on how to go plastic free this July and contribute in every little way we can. Well, we do understand it can be challenging to avoid plastic while you are travelling! 

Worry not, with a bit of preparation mixed with your conscious self and our tips, you can pull off the challenge to reduce plastic consumption while you travel.

Carry a refillable water bottle.

We want you to stay hydrated while you travel and we know how difficult it gets to find water on-the-go. Best alternative to avoid buying those deadly water bottles is to carry your own stainless steel refillable bottles. Fill them wherever you have a chance, at a restaurant, cafe, hotels. We suggest you to carry a Travel Water Purifier along with you to kill those pathogens in the tap water. 

Get a keep cup.

A cup of coffee or tea sounds delicious when you are travelling and the desire multifolds if you are travelling to chilly hill station. The simplest solution to avoid those plastic/paper cups is to carry your keep cup. Fill up, drink and wash, simple ain’t it?

Switch to an electric or bamboo toothbrush.

Have you thought of the number of toothbrush wasted on your travels? Electric toothbrushes will you help cut back on waste since you’re only disposing of smaller brush heads. If you’re truly looking to go plastic-free, bamboo toothbrushes are a cheap alternative.

Pack your own toiletries.

Many hotel chains have started to move away from the individual plastic bottles of toiletries to bulk soap dispensers. However, it is far from ubiquitous yet. Carrying your own soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste in refillable travel friendly sizes will help you cut down on them single use plastic bottles. You might try carrying a soap/shampoo bars instead too. 

Switch to metal razors.

Old is gold and we all know that. Remember the good old times, when our dad used them metal razors with removable single blades. Going back to old habits seems to be a plastic-free choice here.

Opt to dine in.

Choosing to dine in will help you slow down and relax and at the same time will help you avoid single-use plastic and other disposable products. If you are travelling to destination with popular street food, look for vendors serving food on reusable or paper containers over plastic and styrofoam.

Hope these tips will help you go plastic free not only this july but whenever you travel!

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